Your brand is the visual identity that encompasses your company’s goals, values, and message. A brand alone, is a larger idea, typically broken down into colors, typography, language, and a logo or identity mark. I offer branding packages that suit your company’s goals. Whether it is figuring out your brand’s message, or if you just need a logo, or maybe you need your established brand to reflect your new website design. Whatever your branding needs are, I’ll help you find the perfect solution.

User Experience Design

Creating a functional and user-friendly website is always a top priority. If your users aren't finding what they need in a quick manner, they will become frustrated and leave. This creates a high bounce-rate and poor ratings. I make sure that the website is organized to fit the users' needs - putting their goals higher up on the page - as well as your business goals.

User Interface Design

A basic functional website can only go so far. Does your website have people leaving because it doesn’t reflect your brand? Is your website plain outdated? I research the latest web design trends and work with you to find the best way to reflect your brand's identity through colors, typography, illustrations, and more! Let's work together to leave the best possible first impression and encourage your users to keep coming back!

Icons & Illustrations

Icons and & illustrations keep your web or print design visually pleasing and help simplify your message. Do you have an article that needs a visual explanation or a storytelling moment? Infographic designs are the best way to break down complex information into small visual chunks and are made to be easily shared with your audience. Illustrations are a great way to compliment a well-written piece with a visualized scene or character. Icon designs are a great way to break up information on your website and add interest. You spend hours on your well-thought out content. Why not add more value to your piece with a strategically placed icon or illustration?

Wordpress Design

Are you a small business who needs a website to feature your amazing products or services? Or maybe you are a well-known artist and need a place to highlight your best assets. WordPress web design may be the best content management system for you. With an abundance of themes to choose from and additional plug-ins to install, WordPress helps you create exactly what you need from a website. Most themes are pre-built, responsive, and do not require knowledge of html & css.

Design Solutions

Do you already have an established brand and you need graphics to follow your current brand standards? Perhaps you are looking for someone to rework a design that just isn’t selling. Maybe you have the layout of your idea made but you need someone with an eye for color and typography to carry your idea through. Whatever you design needs are, I will help you at any point in the design process that you may find yourself in!

I’ve worked with Sarah in multiple projects and am always impressed by her skill, professionalism, and ability to produce a solution that no one else sees but solves the problem perfectly. Sarah possesses a determination like none other and is always looking to tackle new and interesting problems. 10/10 would work with again!

– Christopher Jones, Web Developer at

My Mission.

Through strategy and design, I work with you to create impactful brand stories and exceptional digital experiences.

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