I have a passion for crafting authentic brand stories and exceptional user experiences.

I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design (VCD) from Kent State University. While achieving my degree, I competed in several Hackathons and won awards such as “Most Aesthetically Pleasing Design” and “Most Market Ready Product” for my work on the security wearable, EmpoweRing.

I currently work at technology startup, AiR Everywhere as a User Experience Designer. Here, I focus my energy on crafting the brand presence and the application design experience.

In my spare time I build my personal brand, practice improvisational comedy, takes photos, and drink tea. My current personal project is a podcast called “Empower the Weird” where I interviews creatives who make their “weirdness” their greatest asset.

UX/UI Design

Brand Identity


Digital Presence


Let's create something awesome together.