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I've always been pretty ambitious...

While achieving my design degree at Kent State University, I felt the need to gain more real-world experience. I entered international Hack-a-thons like TNW Hack Battle in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I worked for the University as a Web and Creative Assistant where I surveyed and assisted the entire process of redesigning and transitioning their outdated website to a brand new responsive website.

Post-Graduation I dove deep into the web while working for 216digital, an eCommerce web design and development agency, where I became the Lead Graphic Web Designer. I learned how to code on the job, built entire Wordpress websites, and created Photoshop mock-ups of eCommerce stores being used today.

The following job, Proforma, molded me into a jack-of-all-trades where I developed skills in print design, email marketing, video-editing, and dreaming up marketing campaigns.

Today I work for an augmented reality app start-up called AiR Everywhere. I was hired as the second employee where I launched their brand identity and product design. I have gained a focus in User Experience and User Interface design and I’ve built a fond appreciation of Adobe XD and Unity where I combine the two programs to build the app design. Lately, I’ve been learning more about the subtle UI animations and transitions that can be dreamed up in Adobe AfterEffects and implemented in Unity.

Outside of my design career, I am obsessed with all things comedy. I teach and perform improv. I also write, film, and produce funny videos. You can check out some of my videos on my website here: https://sarahyeager.com/videos/.

My second obsession is tea. My food allergies have stopped me from drinking coffee, milk, or alcohol but tea has always been a drink that I can rely on to make me feel at home. I love growing my own herbs and experimenting with tea blends.


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