I have a passion for crafting authentic brand stories and exceptional user experiences.

Sarah earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design (VCD) from Kent State University. While achieving her degree, she competed in several Hackathons and won awards such as “Most Aesthetically Pleasing Design” and “Most Market Ready Product” for her work on the security wearable, EmpoweRing.

She currently works at technology startup, AiR Everywhere, as a User Experience Designer. Here, she focuses her energy on crafting the brand presence and the app design.

In her spare time she builds her personal brand, practices improvisational comedy, takes photos, and drinks tea. Her current personal project is a podcast called “Empower the Weird” where she interviews creatives who make their “weirdness” their greatest asset.

UX/UI Design

Brand Identity


Digital Presence


Let's create something awesome together.